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I'm Monica. I am 20.91667 years old. I'm a third year college student at Salisbury majoring in Psychology with a minor in English literature. I write. I read. I take photos. I live off of coffee, music, and yogurt. I enjoy nature and I look for inspiration in everything I see. I am determined to travel and see the whole world someday. Also, I am madly in love with a boy who has made me feel like I can do anything for three beautiful years. As of January 2013, we're raising an adorable cat together. Here's my spin on the world.




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Gull Life Editor

Students strain through a crowd in the dark. Police lights blink in the distance. The world has become confused.

Standing amongst my frightened peers, I can’t help but feel lost. This isn’t supposed to happen here. It’s so easy to talk about the dangerous…


its like she looked out here window as soon as waking up and couldnt wait to get out there so she leaves so quickly or atleast thats what i think




you know what could disappear forever and it wouldn’t make any difference ??? that fucking comment above me why the fuck would you put a period what is wrong with you y’all need jesus 

ryanfenty knows how to make a sassy comeback 
amen for the comment tho

cute little fuckers
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